Tips for Choosing a New Cell Phone

Choosing a new cell phone involves a number of decisions. There are dozens of options provided by leading manufacturers in Brazil – Motorola, Apple , Samsung , LG , Asus and Sony – as well as smartphones gringos that are successful among consumers willing to import a device . How to make the right decision? To assist you in this matter, we have separated five specifications that are present in any phone data sheet.

Use the points discussed below when you are talking to the store or cell phone salesperson. The listing brings the minimal features to expect from a good phone launched in 2017.

1. Full HD resolution screen

The screen resolution indicates the amount of pixels, bright spots, and color that make up the image. This issue is vitally important because people today love watching video content from YouTube, Netflix , Globo Play and Amazon Prime Video . In addition, a phone with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) also ensures better viewing of photos published in Instagram and Facebook, or shared in WhatsApp.

Escape from phones with only HD display (1280 x 720 pixels), technology that has been surpassed in recent times.

2. Quad-core processor

The processor is the brain of the smartphone – all the calculations made by it. Because of its importance, look for smartphones with quad-core inscription (quad means four and core, which means “core” in English). Naming indicates that the component has four cores to perform data processing. There are already octa-core phones on the market, those with eight cores. Escape dual-core alternatives (with two cores).

3. 2 GB RAM

It’s no use a powerful brain if the device does not remember the tasks it needs to complete. So look for cellphones with 2GB of RAM, which will be synonymous with less choked and caught. In this way, the phone can run the Android system with more slack. Avoid smartphones with 1 GB of RAM – they are headache right.

4. 32GB Storage

In the datasheet, storage indicates the space to save files, such as documents, photos, and videos. The ideal is to get a phone with at least 32 GB and flee from those with 16 GB, because the device’s own system takes up space, and it is common for a phone with this capacity to actually offer 27 GB.

5. Internet 4G

There are still options of 3G mobile phones, especially in the used smartphone market. On the other hand, 4G phones are ready for the future, as they are compatible with the faster telephone network. In Brazil, some carriers are gradually releasing the 4G Plus.

It is worth remembering that the industry works with backward compatibility, which means that 4G cell phones work on 3G and 2G. By opting for such a model, the consumer increases the range of options when connecting to the large network.

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