7 essential care to keep your health on track

Keeping health up to date is essential for those who want to live a lot and, of course, with a lot of quality! Among the cares and habits that are essential to take good care of body and soul are to practice physical exercises regularly, eat well and not forget the hydration.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep; prevent health spending; avoiding harmful habits such as drinking too much alcohol and smoking and practicing safe sex are other important steps to maintaining a good quality of life on a daily basis.

Want to know how to keep your health up to date? Check out 7 essential care!

7 essential care to keep your health on track

1. Practice exercises

Want to stay healthy? The rule is clear: exercise regularly! By practicing some physical activity three to five times a week you become less stressed, control your weight and reduce your risk of developing cancer and other chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure.

Even those who have health restrictions and cannot practice heavier exercise can walk, do Pilates or some other low-impact activity. To take effect, it is essential to keep in mind that you need at least 150 minutes of exercise per week.

Another important point: before enrolling in the gym, be sure to consult a cardiologist and / or general practitioner to make sure you have no restriction on exercise.

2. Feed yourself well

It’s no use doing regular physical exercises if you do not pay attention to what you put on the plate. To keep your health current, it is important to seek a balanced diet that has at least five servings of vegetables, fruits and vegetables every day. Grains and whole grains, like beans, cannot be left out of your diet. Lastly, try to eat less fat, especially animal, and control your portions of sugar and salt.

Another warning: eating well also involves not skipping meals during the day. Breakfast is especially important. By eating right early you avoid the temptation to ingest extra calories throughout the day. Caprices the first meal and ensure that your body will have enough energy to face the next few hours without problems.

3. Do not forget to hydrate

Keeping the body hydrated is important step to ensure its smooth functioning. The ideal is to drink at least two liters of water a day. Do you want to change? Coconut water and juices may be interesting alternatives, but remember that pure water should always be your primary source of hydration.

Beverages such as soft drinks (including light and diet) should be off the menu. In addition to not offering any type of nutrient to the body, these options are also rich in substances that can do harm to your body, such as preservatives, dyes and sodium. Was there an irresistible urge to have a fizzy drink? Choose water with gas, preferably from natural sources.

4. Prevent yourself!

When it comes to health, the old maxim that prevention is better than cure is more than true. The ideal is to think ahead and reduce health spending you will have in the future with medicines and the like. Consider purchasing products like life insurance and thus avoid spending a little ever in the long run.

A life insurance, in addition to financially protecting the people that are most important to you, still offer a number of additional to whoever hires you. Depending on the product chosen, it is possible to enjoy prevention services such as nutritional guidance and monitoring of indexes such as BMI, blood pressure etc.

5. Pay attention to sleep

Sleep well is essential to keep the immune system up to date. The amount of sleep required varies from person to person, but the ideal is 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. To ensure a quality night, stay alert to points such as density of your mattress, pillow quality, brightness and room temperature.

To get a good night’s sleep, avoid watching television or tinkering with your cell phone before bed. Drinks like coffee should also be avoided. Give preference to a relaxing tea. Another important point: be sure to have dinner! Give preference to light options such as soup, but do not give up eating at night. So you avoid waking up with a huge hunger in the morning because you slept on an empty stomach.

6. Avoid Harmful Habits

Smoking and excessive drinking are habits that can compromise all your efforts to keep your health on track. When ingested too much, alcohol can disrupt its concentration, in addition to overloading the liver. No need to give up the glass of wine for dinner. However, excessive drinking should be avoided at all costs, even on special occasions such as a family trip.

In relation to smoking, there is no middle ground: stopping is an essential step in keeping our health healthy. A simple cigarette has more than 4,700 toxic substances. In addition, cancer of the lung, mouth, esophagus and throat is directly linked to tobacco. Even passive smokers should be alert: direct cohabitation with people who smoke increases their chances of developing respiratory problems and even some form of cancer.

7. Practice safe sex.

Having sex regularly is not only a delight, it is also good for your health. Yes, having constant sex is good, however, it is necessary for sex, besides being tasty, to be safe. By not giving up the condom you avoid an unwanted pregnancy and prevent diseases such as HIV and HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer.

In addition to using condoms in all sexual relations, it is important for women to perform routine gynecological exams annually, such as a pap smear and transvaginal ultrasonography. Men as young as 50 should visit their urologist every year.

In doubt about how to keep your health up to date? Follow these 7 essential care and ensure a healthier life! Preventing is always better than cure. Do not forget!

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